Profile hijacking

Protect your profile image from someone stealing your profile and taking your potential clients. Someone may already have stolen your profile!

From USD$1 per month

Plus a US$7.95 setup fee. Powered by Trax Print, a Global RegTech 100 company, we verify your profile against a government issued ID. What is your identity worth to you?


When your profile is scanned with the Trax Print app we will let you know you are being verified. You will be in control of your identity.

Don't Wait

It is too late after the criminals have hijacked your profile. Protect yourself today!

Stopping Profile hijacking is easier than you think

When you decide to sign up to Trax Social verification of your profile, you simply have to

1. Process your payment through our Checkout.

2. Login to your profile via the button provided.

3. Upload a profile image via an image library of camera.

4. Upload a verified photo ID

“Don't worry, we encrypt all the images and delete them as soon as you are verified”

5. We will email you after your ID has been confirmed with your protection kit.

6. Upload your profile photo we protected with a Trax QR Code to your profile page.

Your profile is now secure and verified.

LinkedIn says it blocked or removed more than 21M fake accounts during first half of 2019 https://ift.tt/2NjZUnf #cybersecurity #securityresearch #cyberthreats #malware Thanks to CywareCo for this story LinkedIn announced this week that it had blocked or removed 21.6 million f…

by cyberpress @cyberpress_ak - Jan 23, 2017

#TypesOfOnlineScams | Scammers may contact targets through email, text, social media or dating sites. They pose as a different person or create a fake profile with an ultimate goal of making victim pay money or handling over personal information.

Unistal Systems @UnistalGlobal - 22 Jan 2019

Lock your profile away NOW

Get protection fast against the scammers at less than US$1.00 per month plus a US$7.95 setup fee.

LinkedIn Protection

19.95 USD
  • ID Verified
  • Setup included
  • 12 months protection
  • Scan Notification
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Features and Benefits

Some of the features and benefits of the Trax Social platform


Profile Image
Theft Protection

Anyone can simply scan your profile photo with the Trax Print app which is free to download on the App Store or Google Play to get your verified details.



You can also send your certificate pdf to any of your contacts to verify who you are. They send this to check@traxprint.com and they receive a reply with confirmation the certificate is authentic. If one pixel of the document is change it will be rejected.


Notification of

Anytime someone scans your profile, or sends your certificate for verification, your will be notified. It will help you keep track of anyone wanting to know if you are real.


Profile Theft

If someone steals your profile image to use on their profile, when it is scanned they will get your contact details, not the scammers. This way, it gives you complete protection.


Easy to

Simply scan the Trax Print code on a certified profile photo to receive a real time verification of the profile authenticity.


Military grade

Using the most advanced encryption methods all information is stored securely on our servers, or the clients servers.



Our databases are highly encrypted so not even our staff can retrieve profile information we protect.